NW Ontario Walleye Trip
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Classic Sunset Country Fishing Lodge. Access to multiple lakes and multiple species. Trophy fish opportunity. Species: Walleye, Small-mouth, Northern, Perch, Crappie, and Lake Trout. This package includes 5 full days of fishing.


  • Species: Pike Fish
  • Average Classification: 26 - 31
  • Shot Opportunity: 100
  • Weapon: Spin Cast
  • Hunt Catalog #: DLCCF-01
  • Tag Availability: Over The Counter
Classification details:

Trophy Walleye, Northern, and Lake Trout

Weapons description:

Bait-cast, Spinning Rods, or Fly Rods


Dates (required)

  • Oct1-3 $0.00
  • Oct 4th-6th $250.00
  • Tips

    • Tip 1 $100.00
    • Tip 2 $150.00
    • Group Sizes (required)

      Group Sizes 1-5. 5-10, 10-15, and 15-20.

      • Group 1-5 people $0.00
      • Group 5-10 people $200.00
      • Group 10-15 people $400.00
      • Group 15-20 people $600.00

      • Available Dates

        May 08, 2020 - September 18, 2022


        • Price: $1,400.00

        Groups welcome from 2 to 20. Group sizes up to 5 covered in cost. Price increases as group size increase.

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        East of Vermillion Bay, Ontario, Canada

        Refund Policy:

        Deposits are not refundable. When you make a deposit or payment that money is used to reserve your adventure dates and we cannot sell them to anyone else. If for some reason you have to cancel, you will lose your deposit and any payments you have made. If you are concerned that you might get sick or otherwise have to cancel, we suggest buying trip insurance. There are insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance policies for outfitter bookings and hunts. One such company we recommend is globalrescue.com. It is also our policy, depending on the adventure you booked and at our discretion, that if you have to cancel and we are able to book a replacement for you at the regular price we will work with you to apply your deposits to another adventure. Please note that we cannot refund or roll state or government license fees, application fees, draw results, or tags.


        Fishing in the beautiful Canadian Sunrise for five days listening to the loons and the occasional wolf. You will have access to 17 foot boats with 20h Yamaha engines. Gas has been allotted for the week. Make sure you tell the dock hand you will need minnows and leaches. 1st class service and attention to details. A protected dock system. Feel free to bring your own boat. If you don't want to fish close to others there is plenty of water!!! Troll for Walleye or Cast for Northern. Trophy lake trout are also common.

        HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

        • Lodging & Accommodations: Cabin/Lodge

          Lodging & Accommodations Scale

          5 - Cabin/Lodge

          4 - Bunk House/Trailer

          3 - Wall Tent

          2 - Backpack Tent

          1 - Client Provided/Hotel

        1st class cabins with Kitchens. Bedding provided. Bring your own pillow and Towels.

        • Menu & Food: Client Provided

          Menu & Food Scale

          5 - 5 Star Catered

          4 - Full Kitchen

          3 - Field Kitchen

          2 - Backpack Food

          1 - Client Provided

        There will be coffee and donoughnuts provided for breakfast. Fisherman is responsible to pack their own lunches. if desired, fish can be grilled at the cabins for dinner.

        • Physical Conditions: All Vehicle Access

          Physical Conditions Scale:

          5 - All Vehicle Access

          4 - Light Hiking

          3 - Moderate Hiking

          2 - Heavy Hiking

          1 - Extreme Back Country

        More information regarding physical conditions are available upon request from your Personal Concierge Adventure Advisor.

        Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

        Drive in lodge.


        • Lodging & Accommodations
        • Menu & Food
        • Physical Conditions


        8 hour days on the water, weather permitting. Be prepared with rain gear and warm clothing if winds are present.

        What Outfitter Provides

        • Minnow buckets and leach buckets
        • Tackle and bait available for sale at local marina
        • Bedding

        What to Bring

        • Towels
        • Fillet knives
        • Rod/reel
        • Fly rod (if desired)
        • Misquito repellant
        • Pillow


        • What Outfitter Provides
        • What to Bring


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